Ozark Distillery Continues To Produce Hand Sanitizer

All News Tuesday, April 7th, 2020

From moonshine to hand sanitizer…Osage Beach based “Ozark Distillery” continuing to churn out the good stuff to help Lake area residents and first responders stay safe.

Co-owner Dave Huffman, speaking on the “KRMS Morning Magazine,” says demand for hand sanitizer is exceeding the ability for his distillery to keep up with supply…

      NEWS-4-7-20 Sanitizer Update-1

Huffman says the sanitizer supply is close to running out, but they are doing their best to come up with more product asap…

      NEWS-4-7-20 Sanitizer Update-2

There is no charge for the hand sanitizer, but donations are being taken to help offset the costs of temporarily converting the distillery and getting additional supplies for more product.

As we reported to you earlier, they are giving residents 1 bottle per person and offering gallon jugs to area medical facilities, nursing and care homes and hospitals.

All News Tuesday, April 7th, 2020

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