boy wearing gray collared top
boy wearing gray collared top
Photo by Chris Benson on Unsplash

Another longtime event to brighten the holidays for some underprivileged children in Lake Area is coming up right around the corner.

The 32nd Annual Kiwanis for Kids campaign is underway with the main fundraising to take place on Saturday, December 11th, at the Lodge of Four Seasons.

When the night comes to an end, according to Katie Royal, that’s when the fun really begins “We literally flip the room, the next day, into a toy store. So, we setup all the gifts and then on Monday the parents get to come in and actually shop for their children and pick out the toys they think their children would like best.”

Royal also says the Kiwanis Christmas for Kids event is a true community effort which, last year alone, was able to help out the families of more than one-thousand kids “We have a lot of great sponsors and supports and we definitely couldn’t do it without them.”

More information about how to get involved, or how to donate, can be found at “

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