Two of the six bills that were worked on during the special session on violent crime are now law.

Governor Mike Parson signing in House Bills 66 and 46 on Monday.

He says these pieces of legislation are a “great step” in the “right direction” for the show me state.

House bill 66 creates a Pretrial Witness Protection fund where Law Enforcement agencies can provide resources for the victims and witnesses and their immediate families.

House bill 46 removes residency requirements for the City of St. Louis police department.


Governor Parson Signs HB 66 and HB 46 Into Law

(JEFFERSON CITY, MO) – Today, Governor Mike Parson signed HB 66 and HB 46 into law, which were passed by the General Assembly during the recent special session on violent crime. 

“We have a serious problem with violent crime here in Missouri, and we have seen it escalate even more in recent months,” Governor Parson said. “HB 66 and HB 46 are valuable tools that will build on our efforts to combat violent crime, support law enforcement officers, and make our communities safer. I want to thank Representative Ron Hicks, Senator Doug Libla, Representative Jon Patterson, and Senator Tony Luetkemeyer for getting these bills passed this special session.”

Missouri has seen rapid increases in violent crime rates this year, primarily in the state’s urban areas. In St. Louis, there have been more homicides in 2020 than all of 2019, putting the state on track to have its deadliest year on record. As of September 18, there have been 195 murders in St. Louis so far this year compared to 194 in 2019. 

By supporting law enforcement officers across the state, HB 66 and HB 46 will assist Missouri’s efforts to fight violent crime. 

HB 66 creates a Pretrial Witness Protection Fund in which law enforcement agencies can provide resources for the security of victims and witnesses and their immediate families. HB 46 removes the residency requirements for public safety employees in the City of St. Louis. The St. Louis Metropolitan Police Department is currently short by more than 140 officers. This legislation can help fill that gap.

“If we are to change violent criminal acts across our state, we must work together,” Governor Parson said. “We must support our law enforcement officers, and we must start prioritizing the prevention of violent crime. These two pieces of legislation are a great step in the right direction.”

Governor Parson will hold ceremonial signings of the bills throughout this week. To view HB 66, click here. To view HB 46, click here.