person holding passports

One sure sign that most people around the lake area are done with the pandemic is the numbers of passports being applied for.

At least that would seem to be the case according to Lisa Russell who processes the applications in the Camden County Commission Office…“Some people were afraid to travel, because they were afraid they would get out of the country and then they couldn’t get a negative test to get back in. So that’s kinda calmed down and it’s been done away with, so they sorta feel safer traveling now….that they can actually leave the country then come back.”

As for some of the more popular destinations people are needing passports for…? Russell says it’s a case of “beating the winter blues”…“Some of them are doing some winter travel…mainly to Mexico and the Bahamas, and so….people are really getting out there more.”

Russell adds that her office has processed about 250 applications so far with the number expected to increase back up to 600 or more during 2023.