There might be a phone scam going on in the Lake Area.

One Lake Area woman says she got a call from someone posing as her grandson and he wanted money to get out of jail.

      NEWS-12-19-2020 LAKE AREA SCAM 1 - 19th December 2020

Willie Martin of Roach says he’s not in jail, and it’s not the first time she’s taken this kind of call.

      NEWS-12-19-2020 LAKE AREA SCAM 3 - 19th December 2020

She says a man saying he was an attorney called right after she hung up on the fake grandson and he wanted money while giving a made-up case number.

      NEWS-12-19-2020 LAKE AREA SCAM 2 - 19th December 2020

KRMS News made a call to the phone number Martin provided.

It had a 4-10 area code and the man who answered hung up right away.

The name he answered with matched Martin’s story.

Two follow up attempts came up busy and then disconnected.