One man’s in jail after police say they pulled him out of Lake of the Ozarks after a police chase that needed stop sticks to end it.

Osage Beach police say they were called to Home Depot on a report of a stolen pickup truck, but then dispatch said the truck was seen on Highway 42.

The chase went to Horseshoe Bend toward Lodge of the Four Seasons and officers tried three times to use stop sticks, but they say 50-year-old Terry Dickens avoided them each time.

Dickens turned around to head back toward Lake Ozark, but his tires were eventually flattened by stop sticks and the truck came to a stop near Shady Gators.

Police say Dickens ran from the truck and then jumped in the lake to swim away, but officers talked him out of the water.

Dickens was taken to Lake Regional Hospital before arriving at the Camden County Jail, where he’s being held with no bond.

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