With the announcement that buses will not be used for this year’s pub crawl, it’s almost a certainty that lake area law enforcement will be out in force for that weekend.

Camden County Prosecuting Attorney Caleb Cunningham says getting behind the wheel after drinking too much, any time of the year, is a chance you take legally that may not end well for you…“We want to send a message, loud and clear to folks…come here, have a great time…use uber, use lyft…but if you break the law in Camden County…we’re going to do our best to hold you accountable.”

Last year alone, there were at least 329 DWI arrests in Camden County alone…a number more than double from just a few years ago.

A first-time DWI conviction in Missouri is charged as a Class-B misdemeanor and punishable by up to six months in the county jail and/or a fine up to $500…not to mention may be losing your license for a while and paying attorney fees.