Political Activist Nathan Rinne Shares More About New Federal Lawsuit Against Camden County Commission

Crime Local News Politics Monday, April 19th, 2021

A Federal lawsuit’s now filed by a Lake Area man against the Camden County Commission.

Nathan Rinne says he’s filed the lawsuit because he got a letter in March from the Commission saying he’s banned from county property for a year without due process.

“It doesn’t site any state statute, it doesn’t site any incidents…it’s not specific at all, and that’s a problem” says Rinne, “I didn’t have a hearing, I didn’t have an opportunity to plead my case…Nobody said come to court, we’re going to question you or get your side of the story…There was none of that.”

Rinne tells KRMS News he thinks getting banned is retaliation from the Commission because they don’t like his posts on Facebook “social media? I’ve definitely been outspoken about the Commission. That’s what it boils down too….I mean there are videos of Presiding Commissioner Hasty mentioning me and Facebook.”

Rinne says there’s some irony in the Commission’s decision “the hilarious part is the commission passed an ordinance, that was the last meeting I was at in fact, but they passed an ordinance saying that they respect and uphold the first amendment. So, this is a violation of my free speech as well as due process.”

KRMS has been told the Camden County Commission cannot comment on the pending Federal Lawsuit filed by Rinne.

We’ll pass along more details as they become available here on News / Talk KRMS.

Crime Local News Politics Monday, April 19th, 2021

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