A quarter-cent sales tax increase is coming for Camden County.

But when will you start paying it?

“This sales tax will start being collected on January 1st of 2022” says County Auditor Jimmy Laughlin, and he tells KRMS News money for the Sheriff’s Office won’t start coming in until March of next year.

He says the county has notified the state the sales tax increase was passed and the deadline for that is October 1st “As long as it’s filed by then, the sales tax will start being collected in the 2nd quarter following.”

But the month of January has to pass and then retailers have to file their taxes by mid-February “So in March we’ll get our first check for that sales tax.”

Camden County voters approved the quarter-cent sales tax increase in August so Sheriff Tony Helms can give raises to the deputies he has and also to hire more deputies.

The County Commission gave the Sheriff’s Office more than $200-thousand dollars in advance to start pay raises in September rather than wait for the tax to kick in next March “We’re having 2 record years of people coming down here, so we have some extra money and so, in the end of the year we can adjust for some of that.”