Reaction From The Announcement Of Dr. Sean Kirksey’s Return To Camdenton Continues To Come In

Business Local News Politics Wednesday, December 15th, 2021

“I am a Laker through and through”…the words of soon-to-be new Camdenton R3 Superintendent Doctor Sean Kirksey.

Kirksey’s comment was included in a release sent out by R3 Board President Gail Griswold announcing the return of Kirksey.

Griswold says, despite leaving in 2013 under charges of failing to follow MAP testing protocol and district policy, Kirksey was a clear choice to be named to the position…“I know that he was pretty successful at the school…they had good performance, they won awards under his supervision there and I think he was pretty well liked.”

Camden County Commissioner James Gohagen, who has three kids of his own attending Camdenton R3, says that he sees no problem in Kirksey being allowed to return to the district…“You know there was a contract that was signed, and it basically said that you won’t come back to work at this school…and you know a contract goes both ways…if both parties agree that contract is now null and void…whats the harm?”

Kirksey will fill the position being vacated by current Superintendent Doctor Tim Hadfield. The official changing of the guard becomes effective July, 2022.

Business Local News Politics Wednesday, December 15th, 2021

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