The Red Cross are placing an urgent plea for blood donations across the Ozarks.

Officials say they are are taking every single possible precaution by having everyone wearing masks, having their temperature taken and placing the beds in a socially distance structure of six feet away.

Blood is not tested for Cove in 19 since respiratory diseases aren’t known to be transmitted by transfusions, but as a new incentive to donors, Blood is now tested for covert antibodies that may show if someone has had the virus.

Officials say since the pandemic began; more than 37,000 blood drives have been canceled.

Here are the upcoming blood drives for the Red Cross in the Lake Area: RED CROSS DRIVES


The Community Blood Center of the Ozarks is also hosting two local drives:

1. Lodge of the Four Seasons on July 30th from 10AM to 1PM

2. Osage Beach City Hall August 7th from 9AM to 3PM