Reports Of A Loud Explosion Heard Throughout The Lake Area

All News State News Thursday, July 1st, 2021

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A loud noise heard all over Lake of the Ozarks has people talking ahead of the 4th of July weekend.

Around 1:40 Wednesday afternoon the sound shook some windows and rattled doors.

Dozens of KRMS listeners called in during The Ozarks Today to talk about what the noise might have been….

“I was inside in the house when I heard it….and everybody said “what was that?” like something falling off a wall” says one listener, “I was on the phone at that time on a conference call, with someone very near the dam, and an another person near Camdenton and we all 3 experienced it at the same time” says another listener.

One listener described it more like a sonic boom “I was in rocky mount when we heard it, it sounded like a sonic boom and actually shook the garage door in and out on our shop” while another resident says he saw the reaction on film “I don’t know what happened but my security cameras notified me and when I went to view the video, I could see the cameras were shaking.”

Calls came in from as north as Rocky Mount and as far south as Climax Springs.

At this time no official release has been made on any sonic booms, however officials with Whiteman Air Force Base did confirm that military training was underway in the skies at the time the sound was made.

A sonic boom can actually be heard up to 100 miles from the source.

We’ll pass along more details on the story as soon as possible on News / Talk KRMS.

All News State News Thursday, July 1st, 2021

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