Representative Luetkemeyer Will Not Run For Open Senate Seat

Local News Politics State News Sunday, June 13th, 2021

While U-S Missouri Representative Hartzler’s announcing she will run for the U-S Senate, A Lake Area Representative in the U-S House will not.

“I have no interest in going to the Senate. It would be an honor to go over there as well, but I’m happy where I am at. I love the job, love the district. I hope to continue to serve in this capacity for as long as the electorate will have me” says Congressman Blaine Luetkemeyer, who represents the 3rd Congressional District in Missouri.

He tells KRMS News the seniority he has right now in the U-S House gives him the chance to chair several different committees if Republicans gain the majority again in 2022.

Congressman Luetkemeyer has represented the 13 counties that make up the 3rd Congressional District in Missouri since 2009.

Luetkemeyer says a big issue he’s working on right now is the currently labor shortage, as there are lots of jobs available, but few applicants who want them “and then you have the $300 unemployment check and the stimulus checks, which are disincentivizing people to go to work.”

Luetkemeyer tells KRMS News he thinks those small businesses and entrepreneurs are driving the economy right now.

But some of those businesses can’t operate with the same hours they used to because they don’t have enough employees.

Luetkemeyer says a report this week from the U-S Department of Labor showed 9-point-3 million jobs available across the country in April, and that was an increase of about one million more jobs that were open in March.

Local News Politics State News Sunday, June 13th, 2021

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