Residents And Tourists Have Differing Opinions On Law Enforcement

Crime Local News State News Tuesday, April 27th, 2021

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Ozarks This Morning host Guy Wehman’s asking residents and visitors of Lake of the Ozarks their thoughts on the importance of law enforcement during this week’s ‘Sidewalk Chats.’

Wehman started with locals.

“We can’t live without them, that’s for sure. Law enforcement was made for a reason…to enforce the law and help keep us safe!” says one local. Another says “They’re extremely important to us, I think that there’s a lot people in the community that believe in it and they believe in our security.” One local resident says they are the people we depend on the most “We need to support our Troops and our First Responders. THEY are the ones we call when there’s a problem! We need to support them.” Another man says the blame is being placed on the wrong people “We depend on law and order to make things safe for all civilians, but it just seems to me like the scrutiny is being placed on just the Police Officers and not the bad guys.”

But Wehman gets a different take from people visiting the lake area from out-of-state.

“Yeah man, uh, I fully support um, all that Black Lives Matter and all that stuff like that. It’s good what’s going on.” says one visitor. Another tourist says it’s time to take a stand “I don’t know if de-funding the police is the right answer, but I think it’s important to make a movement in some sort of direction, just to show that we are making some sort of effort to help the different Black Lives Matter movement. So I don’t know if de-funding the police is the right answer, but I think we need to make some sort of movement in some sort of direction.”

Locals tell Wehman they think the difference in support is based on location and generation, “I think it’s generational. There’s a lot of separation between generations unfortunately. The young people do not get it, they’re the ones who live in the social media world and they’ve haven’t had to deal with the things that the older generations have had to deal with it.”

Wehman also finds mixed support from people visiting Lake of the Ozarks from states with more COVID restrictions,“If I am a law abiding citizen just minding my business, and they’re arresting people for not wearing a mask and it’s not actually a law….that makes me not supportive of our police, because I expect the police to support the law and the citizens, instead of just enforcing these illegal mandates.”

Some residents are extremely discouraged by what they see and they tell KRMS they fear for the summer at the Lake this season, “It’s gone. It’s gone. It’s going to be chaos soon.”

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Crime Local News State News Tuesday, April 27th, 2021

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