Residents are picking up the pieces following a wild night of wicked weather across Missouri, Arkansas, Kentucky, Illinois and Tennessee.

Storms moved into the Lake Region on Friday evening, producing Tornado Warnings as they raced across the community.

At this time, the National Weather Service hasn’t confirmed that any of those warnings resulted in a Tornado, nor have there been any major reports of damage from those systems.

There have been some minor reports of damage, including trees down…a garage blown out in Camdenton, and a houseboat that got loose at Sunrise Marina.

The majority of damage and severe weather occurred in St. Louis, where Tornadoes struck an Amazon Facility trapping workers inside and damaged more than 20 cars along interstate 64 in Chesterfield.

Another Tornado, striking in Arkansas, traveled more than 200 miles across 4 states, destroying the numerous small towns including Mayfield and Dawson Springs Kentucky.