Resolution Approved In Lake Ozark For Changes In How Police Chiefs Are Hired

Local News Thursday, February 11th, 2021

A resolution is now approved by the Lake Ozark Board of Alderman that tweaks the educational requirements to be chief of police.

“Education requirement did not change, it was just re-worded and re-formatted.”

Police Chief Gary Launderville tells KRMS News the clarification of Bachelor’s degree was added, as opposed to only the word degree.

“Or, 8 to 10 years of experience, minimum of 5 of those being in a command level position.”

Chief Launderville also says the board also approved a resolution allowing any Lake Ozark Police Chief to live within 10 miles of the city or within a 20-minute response time.


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An updated job description for the Lake Ozark Police Department staff – and the Chief of Police — was approved 4-2 by the Lake Ozark Board of Aldermen Tuesday night.

The changes are part of a long-term update of Lake Ozark Police Department policies and procedures, and were considered at a previous board of aldermen meeting and workshop.

The changes for the police chief, which drew the most discussion, involve residency and education requirements for a police chief.

The new language, approved by resolution, is as follows:

Residency Requirements

The chief of police, whether living inside the city limits or within the range of 20 minutes/10 miles, is expected to be involved in the community to understand and identify with city and community issues.

The previous language, adopted in 2010, required the chief of police to live within the city limits.

Education/Experience Guidelines

Education and Training – A degree in business management, public administration, law enforcement or criminal justice is preferred but not required.

Experience – Eight to 10 years of previous law enforcement experience with a minimum of five years of supervisory/command/administrative level experience.

The new language requires active Missouri POST certification/license or for out-of-state candidates the ability to obtain such certification/license. Must have or obtain a current, valid Missouri driver’s license.

The previous language read: A bachelor’s degree in business management, public administration, law enforcement, criminal justice preferred, but not required plus eight to 10 years of experience in law enforcement including five years of command-level position experience at the rank of captain or higher or an equivalent combination of experience and training that provides the required knowledge, skills and abilities. Also, a Missouri Class A POST certification is preferred.

Voting in favor of the new language were Aldermen Dennis Klautzer, Pat Thompson, Larry Giampa and Vernon Jaycox. Voting not to adopt the changes were Aldermen Mark Maples and Judy Neels.

Local News Thursday, February 11th, 2021

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