It’s day three of the winter storm and road conditions are starting to improve in some areas of the Lake.

Residents report that the major highways are clear but there’s sporadic patches of black ice on the roads.

“People are just driving too fast for the conditions of the roads” says tow truck driver Patrick Morgan.

He says right now many of the side roads are still snow covered and conditions just aren’t favorable for long distance travel across the region “If you can stay at home, do that. The road conditions are not great for any type of travel…unless it is an absolute emergency.”

MODOT’s traveler map shows that all of the roads in the Lake Area and south to the bottom of the state remain snow covered or icy.

On Thursday, one of MODOT’s trucks hit a patch of the black ice, causing it to flip over.

They’ve since pulled the truck back on its side and it’s already back to work.

The driver of that truck was not injured.