The Rocky Mount Fire District is searching for grant money.
At their most recent board meeting, officials discussed looking for various grants to help them fill their staff shortages that are causing concern for the district’s response times.
One of the grants that could aid in their search is the FEMA Safer Grant, which Chief Kevin Hurtubise indicated would help them afford seven firefighter’s salaries.
However, to get that grant, voters would have to approve two 30-cent tax increases to ensure employment would remain past the grant period.
The increase would bring in around $728,000 annually, but it would need to be voted on.
The department only has 2 full time employees as of today.
The Chief indicated they did apply for a SCBA grant of $345,427 dollars, requiring a district match of just over $16,000 if awarded.
That grant would help cover costs for equipment, such as new breathing apparatuses.