Lake Ozark’s City Board has approved salary increases for city workers including police officers, who’ve been among the lowest paid in the region for some time.

“They approved a city wide city employee pay raise that’s going to have a tremendous impact for police officers and public works laborers” says assistant City Administrator Harrison Frye…“Those cops are going to be earning a little over $18 an hour starting off…and those laborers coming in with no experience, just ready to do a job, are hitting $15 dollars now….which I think we’ve fallen behind on in the last couple of years so we’re getting back up to speed on it….so that’s a tremendous move for the city employees and it should help us fill some of those critical spots in several departments as well, which can help keep the community safer.”

Frye was a guest Wednesday’s Morning Magazine on News-Talk KRMS.

He says the raises won’t impact taxes as they were already in the budget…“It’s moving our starting pay for police officers to about $1.50 to $1.70 more, and everyone one else that’s already in line are getting a similar bump along the way. Last night a few of the employees from the department of public works were at the meeting, just to see how it would go, and they all walked out smiling and happy. It really is good news, and with it has a relativity minimal budget impact….I mean we were able to find ways to pay for it, so that’s the key thing in there too…from the taxpayer’s standpoint, it’s already built into our existing budget.”