Sales Tax Revenue Is Up For The City Of Camdenton

Business Local News Politics Thursday, March 18th, 2021

Sales tax revenue continues to climb for the city of Camdenton…

“This month, year to date, we were up 30%…30.85…over last year same month and year to date we are now up 19.06%” says city clerk Rene Kingston.

At the previous Board of Alderman meeting, she indicated that the 30% equals out to more than $39,000 dollars over March of 2020.

The city is anticipating that sales tax revenues will continue to remain high as another season of record-breaking tourism is expected for the region.

Real Estate sales are also continuing to break records, with some homes bringing in 3 to 5 times their value over 2019.

Homes on the market continue to remain in short supply and realtors indicate that even vacant lots are selling higher than usual.

You can watch the full meeting on the Camdenton City Facebook page.


Business Local News Politics Thursday, March 18th, 2021

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