School Board At Camdenton R-3 Looks Forward After Removing COVID Mandates

COVID 19 Local News Thursday, April 15th, 2021

The Camdenton R-III School District has no more COVID-19 protocols or restrictions.

The school board voted 4-3 in favor of eliminating numerous procedures Monday Night.

“Mandatory masks wearing, social distancing and secondary quarantine of healthy individuals are all done away with” says new Camdenton School Board president Gail Griswold, “I don’t think I understood the gravity of how much they (children in the district) weren’t doing. The feedback we’ve been receiving from the students, the community as well as the staff and teachers since this decision on Monday has been overwhelmingly positive.”

She tells KRMS News getting rid of the COVID restrictions means several opportunities for school kids “kids in Kindergarten can now put their carpet squares together….their parents can now come have lunch with them. Seniors can have a normal graduation and the middle school can have in person parent night for incoming students for next year.”

Griswold is joined as a newcomer to the Camdenton School Board by Brian Butts.

The two combined for more than 50-percent of the Lake Area vote April 6th.

COVID 19 Local News Thursday, April 15th, 2021

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