School Of The Osage Clarifies It’s Stance On COVID 19 Vaccination Requirements

COVID 19 Health Local News Wednesday, September 15th, 2021

While the White House tries to force you into taking a COVID shot, School of the Osage wants to end speculation about how students and faculty are being handled before it begins.

“There is no room for speculation on this right now. We haven’t been directed by the Governing body that Governs School Districts, around adding this to our Immunization rotation” Says Superintendent Dr. Laura Nelson.

She tells KRMS News the governing body for School of the Osage and public schools around Missouri is the Department of Elementary and Secondary Education “The State of Missouri regulates the way schools regulated vaccines and immunizations. We’re guided by DESE in the matter and that haven’t made any statements on that (COVID Vaccines) yet.”

She also says the interest for School of the Osage is to educate children in the best environment possible while keeping them out of the crosshairs of speculation “We hear things on TV all the time…and we don’t just jump into action. We, are very steady in our responses and right now there seems to be a lot of challenge to what is being said.”

Dr. Nelson confirms to KRMS News children are not forced to take COVID shots and teachers and faculty can choose to take one or not.

COVID 19 Health Local News Wednesday, September 15th, 2021

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