School of the Osage is moving ahead with plans for an on site health clinic.

      NEWS-01-06-2021 SOTO CLINIC 1 - 6th January 2021

Superintendent Dr. Laura Nelson tells KRMS News School of the Osage students and staff would have access to the clinic and plans are being discussed that might allow parents access as well.

Dr. Nelson also says the clinic will feature TeleHealth and TeleMedicine and the clinic should be up and running in February.

She also says the number of people allowed to attend larger gatherings at School of the Osage might be expanding soon.

      NEWS-01-06-2021 SPECTATORS 1 - 6th January 2021

Dr. Nelson says the school board will meet next Monday to talk about the idea.

She also says seniors and parents are working on ‘Project Graduation’ and there’s also talk of contingency plans for the prom depending on which way the COVID pandemic goes.

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