The school year has reached the second quarter at School of the Osage, and the district is asking for input.

      NEWS-10-28-2020 OSAGE SURVEY 1 - 28th October 2020

Superintendent Dr. Laura Nelson tells KRMS News the ‘Thought Exchange’ will come in the form of a link in Wednesday’s ‘Community Update.’

Dr. Nelson says parents, community members and staff are invited to respond and that the thought exchange is different from the live parent survey sent to parents from area school principles.

She also says despite the high Demand for houses in the Lake Area, an annual report from School of the Osage shows no increase in enrollment.

      NEWS-10-28-2020 OSAGE ENROLLMENT 1 - 28th October 2020

Dr. Nelson says many parents reached out to enroll their kids in School of the Osage, but most have kept their kids in their home school districts outside the Lake Area.