Search And Rescue Group In Osage Beach Seeks More Members/Drone Operators

Local News Wednesday, December 8th, 2021

The Osage Beach Search and Rescue unit is currently doing a search of a different kind. That is, the unit is looking to expand the number of team members to help in a variety of ways…

“Get some more drone operators, get some more mapping expertise” says Ray Shadow with the SAR, “There’s always stuff to do with ground searchers, and things like that as well.”

Shadow says the biggest change in search and rescue operations over the years is in the way of technology…“We’re a K9 Unit, primarily…we’re mostly dogs now…and the dog’s are still doing most of it. But the technology has just been awesome, it’s amazing what we can do now.”

Shadow also says, whenever deployed by the Osage Beach Fire District, the search and rescue unit has only one goal in mind…“A find is a find, it provides something for the family no matter what the outcome is.”

More information about being part of the search and rescue unit is available by calling Shadow at 573-286-5289 or emailing

Local News Wednesday, December 8th, 2021

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