Sheriff Tony Helms


Close to two-thirds of Camden County voters say ‘Yes’ to a one-quarter-cent sales tax increase for the Sheriff’s Department.

But in Tuesday’s voting, more than a thousand people said ‘No’ to the proposed increase, some doing so because they weren’t sure where the money would go or because sales tax revenue in Camden County is up right now.

“The way this money is going to budgeted out, it’s going to be hard to have an flex room with it. I know sales taxes are up right now, and that’s great…but it won’t last” says Sheriff Tony Helms ,“I assure you the money is going to be spent where the money is suppose to be spent….you’re just going to have to trust me.”

He tells KRMS he was the driving force behind the proposed sales tax increase because he wanted more deputies, pay raises for his staff and more equipment “by the time give a deputy a raise, by the time you hire 10 new people, by the time you outfit those people…it’s going to cost most of the money.”

Helms has said for several months he’s losing personnel to other opportunities inside and outside of law enforcement because they can make more money elsewhere.

Helms was interviewed by Christian Blood on the KRMS Morning Magazine.