Where does the Show-Me State rank on the list of the best places to be a fan of college or professional baseball…?

According to WalletHub.com, Kansas City comes in at #19 while St. Louis comes in at #3 behind, only, LA at #2 and New York, NY, at the top spot.

The rankings were determined from a list of over 330 cities with, at least, one college or one MLB team using 31 different metrics including stadium accessibility and average ticket prices.


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To determine the best places to be a fan of America’s second most followed sport, WalletHub compared over 330 U.S. cities with at least one college or professional baseball team across 31 key metrics. They range from performance level of team(s) to average ticket price to stadium accessibility.

Top 20 Baseball Cities
1. New York, NY 11. Cincinnati, OH
2. Los Angeles, CA 12. Philadelphia, PA
3. St. Louis, MO 13. Pittsburgh, PA
4. Atlanta, GA 14. St. Petersburg, FL
5. Boston, MA 15. Houston, TX
6. Chicago, IL 16. Milwaukee, WI
7. Minneapolis, MN 17. Arlington, TX
8. Oakland, CA 18. San Diego, CA
9. Cleveland, OH 19. Kansas City, MO
10. San Francisco, CA 20. Denver, CO

Best vs. Worst

  • MLB: The Los Angeles Dodgers have the best performance level, 64.51 percent, which is 1.9 times better than that of the Baltimore Orioles, the team with the worst at 34.67 percent.
  • MiLB: The Hillsboro Hops have the best performance level, 61.40 percent, which is 1.5 times better than that of the Louisville Bats, the team with the worst at 42.04 percent.
  • NCAA: The UCLA Bruins have the best performance level, 77.87 percent, which is 11.3 times better than that of the Saint Peter’s Peacocks, the team with the worst at 6.87 percent.
  • Pittsburgh has the lowest average season ticket price (for MLB games), $20.75, which is 2.9 times less expensive than in Boston, the city with the highest at $60.09.

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