It’s almost New Year’s Eve in Lake of the Ozarks, and local law enforcement is reminding you not drink and drive.

      NEWS-12-31-2020 DRINKING AND DRIVING 1 - 31st December 2020

Captain Chris Twitchel with the Camden County Sheriff’s Office.

He’s in studio this morning for a Drinking and Driving Awareness Feature during the Ozarks This Morning on KRMS.

KB taking a drink every 15 minutes to demonstrate how too much alcohol can affect people.

Twitchel will be joined by Corporal Brian Geier (Guy-er) with the Missouri State Highway Patrol who says taking a Taxi or Uber is cheaper than being caught with a DWI.

      NEWS-12-31-2020 DRINKING AND DRIVING 2 - 31st December 2020

They’ll also be joined by attorney Gary Smith and Dr. Carl Doerhoff.

You can view the live-stream on our website, Facebook Page, YouTube Channel or Vimeo.