St. Louis Man Arrested Following Altercation At Backwater Jacks

Local News Tuesday, June 23rd, 2020


A St. Louis man is behind bars following an altercation at Backwater Jacks on Sunday.

Osage Beach Police say the they were called out for a man allegedly selling marijuana to patrons who refused to leave.

When officers arrived, they found 33-year-old Garrick Moore attempting to leave in his car.

Police say officers had to “jump” to avoid Moore who attempted to leave the premises.

At one point, Moore rolled down his window and officers witnessed a hand gun in his lap.

Police say they quickly pulled the gun from the car and he was taken into custody.

He was seen by staff at Lake Regional before being taken to the Camden County Jail where he is being held on no bond.


The official press release is below:



On June 21, 2020 at approximately 8:06 pm Officers were dispatched to Backwater Jacks, 4341 Beach Drive, Osage Beach, regarding individuals allegedly selling marijuana to patrons and refusing to leave the premises.

Upon arrival security pointed out the individuals and advised the driver of one of the vehicles, later identified as Garrick N Moore, b/m, 33, from St Louis, was possibly intoxicated.

Moore began to back out of the parking space, seen the Officers, and pulled back into the space.

As the Officers approached, Moore once again began pulling out of the parking space but at a faster speed, backing into another vehicle.

Moore then began to drive forward and turned the vehicle towards the exit as an Officer approached the vehicle.

An Officer observed the driver turn the vehicle into their direction, at which point the Officer yelled for Moore to stop.

Moore quickly accelerated toward the Officers causing them to jump out of the way, avoiding being hit.

Moore continued to jerk the vehicle forward in aggressive spurts toward the Officers until he nearly hit his friends vehicle, at which point an Officer was able to bang on Moore’s window, again ordering him to stop and turn his vehicle off.

Moore rolled down his window to speak with the Officer, who observed a black handgun sitting on his lap.

Moore reached with his left hand from the window console towards his lap area.

The Officer reached inside the vehicle with both hands, grabbed Moore’s wrist putting Moore’s left hand in a wrist lock.

The Officer yelled to the other Officers “Gun!” and used his right hand to grab the gun from Moore’s lap, securing the weapon.

When Officers attempted to place Moore into custody, he became combative, and a wrestling match ensued.

Eventually Officers were able to secure Moore and he was examined by Osage Beach Ambulance Staff and transported to Lake Regional Health Systems.

While at the hospital Moore become combative and once again had to be restrained.

Moore is charged with three (3) counts of Assault 1st Degree or Attempt – Serious Physical Injury or Special Victim; Resisting/Interfering with Arrest; Possession of Marijuana of 10 Grams or Less – Prior Drug Offense; and Driving While Intoxicated.

Moore has a warrant out of St Charles, Missouri for Failure to Appear, on an original charge of Driving While Revoked/Suspended.

After being released from Lake Regional Health Systems, Moore was transported to the Camden County Jail, where he continues to be held with “No Bond”.

Local News Tuesday, June 23rd, 2020

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