State Fair community college is facing a $100 fine from the Missouri Ethics Commission.

It’s related to the billboard battle that occurred over the past year as State Fair went toe to toe with Ozarks Technical College, who were attempting to build a campus in Camdenton.

Both colleges bought billboards urging voters to back or reject a proposal that would have raised taxes in the region to pay for a new Ozarks Technical campus.

OTC’s Billboard read: “You Have a Dream, We Have a Plan — Ozarks Technical Community College,” one of the billboards said.

SFCC’s Billboard read: “You Have a Dream, We Have a Plan, Without Raising Your Taxes — State Fair Community College.”

State Officials say State Fair failed to insert a line on their billboard, indicating who paid for the ad, which is required under the state’s campaign finance laws.

Ozarks Technical college lost the bid after voters overwhelming rejected the project and the additional tax increase planned to complete it.



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