Although the numbers of Covid cases continue to surge in Missouri and across the country, it could be a lot worse.

That was just one of the messages, Wednesday, in Jefferson City as Governor Mike Parson delivered his State of the State address…“In this state, we use common sense and took a balanced approach to this pandemic. And while that may seem like a novel idea, when you look to some of the policies and mandates in other states…you can see that common sense may not be so common.”

Parson added, while he remains in office, the only mandates and vaccines that are ordered will not come down from the Federal level if he has anything to do with it…“I firmly believe that the people should have a say through their local elected representatives, and not be dictated by needless executive actions by any one single person.”

Among other topics Parson touched on during his nearly one-hour address included: workforce and education, infrastructure, agriculture, public safety, community development and legislative priorities.

The Governor also spent time talking about the Rock Island Trail, a project that will have a major impact on tourism and business here in the Lake Area.

You can watch the full video below: