Lake Regional Hospital plays center-stage for a group calling itself “We the People of Camden County” which hit the pavement, Friday, to support healthcare workers across the Lake Area.

      NEWS-11-23-2021 WE THE PEOPLE-1 - 22nd November 2021

“We the People” member-at-large Dan Ousley says the protest is, largely, in response to questions being raised by the Federal government’s looming vaccine mandate.

      NEWS-11-23-2021 WE THE PEOPLE-2 - 22nd November 2021

About 20 members of the group joined for the “Stop the Mandate Rally.” Lake Regional employees have until December to get the jab or the health system stands to lose Medicare and Medicaid funding. “We the People” also has a problem with the terminology of the mandate facing Lake Regional employees.

      NEWS-11-23-2021 WE THE PEOPLE-3 - 22nd November 2021