Students At School Of The Osage Get Question And Answer Session From Space Station

Local News Thursday, March 11th, 2021

Students at School of the Osage were in for a special surprise this week.

Former graduate and lake Astronaut Michael Hopkins gave a question-and-answer session, live from the International Space Station.

One student wanted to know when Hopkins decided he wanted to be an astronaut.

“It’s actually when I was sitting where you guys are today. So this was back in the 80s, during the early days of the space shuttle program. You know, you can’t just come out of high school and decide you’re going to be an astronaut and it’s going to happen. And so for me, I wanted to get into flying and the air force. So I did that. I got into the University of Illinois for Engineering, got into the Air Force, got to go on the flight tests and from there….I got selected by NASA.”

Hopkins is originally from Richland and he was selected as the Commander of the recent mission to the ISS using the new space shuttle created by SpaceX.

It marks the first private partnership with NASA to get American’s back into space under our own power.

You can Listen to the full Q&A Below (at KRMSRADIO.COM):

      03-10-2021 Mike Hopkins RAW

Local News Thursday, March 11th, 2021

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