Police in Sunrise Beach now have a man in custody who’s accused of throwing a fused explosive at another man that may have been laced with bear spray, mace or pepper spray on Monday.

Corporal Scott Craig responded to the call and met the victim, but the suspect had run away “Camden county deputies were able to locate the suspect’s vehicle at a residence. We checked the residence and believed it was secure and we believed he was inside the residence.”

Craig tells KRMS News the suspect was not in the home and he later connected with the suspect by phone and the arrest was later made without incident.

Craig says this wasn’t your typical firecracker “What we’re looking at here is a fused explosive. What was described to us was not your run of the mill, over the counter, retail firecracker.”

Charges have been filed, although no names are being released at this time.

We’ll pass along more details on the story when possible on News / Talk KRMS.