Sunrise Beach Resident Launches Recall Effort For SBFPD Board Member Bob Heman

Business Local News Politics Wednesday, May 5th, 2021

There’s a recall effort right now in Sunrise Beach.

“Right now we’re trying to get director Bob Hemen recalled from the Sunrise Beach Fire Protection District” says Stephanie Kerhbiel of Sunrise Beach, who’s the one putting the recall petition together “we have a few petitions out at a number of local business and we will be starting a door knocking campaign as time goes on.”

She tells KRMS News the Sunrise Beach Fire Protection District can’t function with Hemen sitting on the Board “He’s putting not only the lives of the Firefighters at risk, but also the lives of the community at risk…by failing to approve the budget. Right now we have no operating budget, so we can’t move forward with getting the equipment or the improvements we need, that was laid out in the 5 year plan by Fire Chief Joseph LaPlant.”

Kerhbiel says the goal of the petition is to get the recall on the November ballot and around 790 signatures are needed to do it.

KRMS News has reached out to board member Bob Hemen and he has agreed to a future interview.

We’ll feature that discussion as soon as possible.

Kerhbiel was interviewed on the KRMS Morning Magazine.

Business Local News Politics Wednesday, May 5th, 2021

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