Pretty rare that Tesla has a recall where they actually need to physically get the cars in for a fix.

But, this is happening.

Over 24,000 Model 3 Teslas have something wrong with their seat belts, so there isn’t a software update that can fix it.

So, Tesla owners, you may have to do without your fancy car for a hot minute to get it repaired.

Here’s the details…

Your Tesla vehicle is protected by a 4-year warranty. If your Tesla is included in a recall, service to address the issue will be provided for free regardless of age or mileage. Check if your car is affected by a recall.

Model 3 Trunk Lid Harness Retrofit
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Model X steering assist motor bolt recall
Model S steering assist motor bolt recall
Tesla safety update
Model S safety update
Accessory adaptor 14-30, 10-30 and 6-50 recall
Seat belt inspection recall