Starting Friday, October 1st, the price of gas is going to go up thanks to a bill passed and signed by Governor Mike Parson in the last legislative session.

“It’s a 5 year increase at 2 1/2 cent each year, so a 2.5 cent increase starting in October and a total of 12.5 cents after that 5 year period” says Bob Lynch, Central District Area Engineer for MoDOT, “Based on Missouri’s constitution it’s required to go to roads and bridges, so it will go to help MODOT…but also some of that is required to go to cities and counties.”

The rehabilitation project happening on top of Bagnell Dam continues with the replacement of concrete on the surface in preparation for fresh concrete “We completed the milling of the previous overlay, that’s about 3 to 3 1/2 inches we’ve taken off…and now they’re in the hydro-demolition portion of the project, which will take off another 1/2 inch of concrete.”

But the project is not closing off the Bagnell Dam Strip where businesses remain open.

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