Three People Face Drug Charges Following Raid In St. Elizabeth

Crime Local News Friday, May 7th, 2021

Teamwork between two law enforcement agencies has three people facing drug charges in Miller County.

“We’d received information on the residence, done our due diligence and done our homework….and was able to obtain that search warrant, and execute it and were able to arrest 3 people at the residence” says Sheriff Louie Gregoire, “If you’re using, or selling, eventually we’ll find out….and we’ll probably knock on your door.”

Gregoire tells KRMS News investigators found marijuana, meth and pills, but he also says one of the people arrested also had a gun “It was in possession of an individual that’s already convicted of a felony, which is against the law…you can’t have that firearm, so I think he will be charged with that at some point.”

Gregoire did not confirm which person had the gun, but we do know 40-year-old Harley Gabbard is facing additional felony charges.

53-year-old Bobby Reed is facing numerous charges, including distribution of a controlled substance.

48-year-old Jackie Bonnett had a previous warrant out of Osage County.

The home searched was located in St. Elizabeth, in the eastern portion of Miller County.

257 Brushy Creek Rd.

Crime Local News Friday, May 7th, 2021

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