Like it or not, winter weather is right around the corner for the Lake Area which means NOW is the time to prepare. It’s also the purpose behind Winter Weather Preparedness Week offering up several tidbits of advice.

First and foremost, the tips include knowing what the forecast is calling for…“If you don’t know what’s coming, you can’t prepare for it” says Meteorologist Ray Miller from the Weatherology Weather Center, “If you’re making any travel plans, you’ll want to be aware of the weather forecast for your destination as well as the points in-between.”

Miller also says in cases when you need to shovel, dressing appropriately and giving yourself plenty of time could mean the difference between getting the job done or taking a trip to the ER for a heart attack “Even if you’re in fairly good health, because it’s rigorous exercise and you don’t know your working so hard….Because the temperatures are much colder.”

Among other tips: create a family emergency plan and emergency kits for your vehicles and, of course, avoid driving if you really don’t have to when conditions are poor.

All this next week, November 15th-19th, is Winter Weather Preparedness Week.