The Lake of the Ozarks Community Bridge, or just “the toll bridge” to many locals could lose the word “toll” in the fairly near future.

Officials with the Lake of the Ozarks Community Bridge Transportation District say they’re confident the span will be paid off sometime in the year 2026 meaning the tolls will go away.

The bridge built in the early 1990s made a now prosperous part of the Lake Area accessible to drivers who would have otherwise had to take a long and winding route to get there.

Reports are the original plan was to have it paid off in 2026 and while a bond refinancing means it could be extended if need be, officials of the District are expressing confidence that extra time will not be needed.

The bridge which carries over a million vehicles each year has in recent years cost drivers 3 dollars in season and 2 bucks during the off season though rates are higher for larger vehicles.