Tornadoes Confirmed In Sedalia – Storm Caused Damage In Morgan County

Local News State News Thursday, October 28th, 2021

The National Weather Service in Kansas City is confirming a Tornado did touch down near Sedalia last Sunday, part of the same system that damaged a church façade in northern Morgan County.

Officials say the system spun up 2 brief EF-0 tornadoes, one which hit Covered Bridge Park and traveled over highway U and another that crossed Highway 50 south of the Sedalia Airport.

That same system prompted a Tornado Warning for Morgan County, where emergency management later reported the church and tree damage, however no Tornado was reported in that region as of now.

A Tornado also touched down in Southern Camden County near Richland.

That EF-1 Tornado caused damage to a barn, took a roof off a home and uprooted numerous trees as it traveled to the edge of Highway A at the border of Camden and Pulaski Counties.

Local News State News Thursday, October 28th, 2021

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