The Lake of the Ozarks has made another list of the “best places to live.”

According to Travel Vlogger “The World According to Briggs” on YouTube, the Lake ranks # 4 out of 10.

“What’s really cool about this place? The cost of living is dirt cheap all around the area, but what’s the best part? You can get property, just a hand full of yards off the lake, for under $50,000” says Briggs in his video.

Briggs also listed Overland Park Kansas as # 8 on his list.

Here are Briggs’ top ten places to live in 2021:

10 – State of Wisconsin

9 – New England

8 – Overland Park, Kansas

7 – Bend, Oregon

6 – Charleston, South Carolina

5 – Charleston, West Virginia

4 – Lake of the Ozarks, Missouri

3 – San Diego, California

2 – Idaho

1 – Rural Pennsylvania & most of Dallas, Tx. metro area


You can see the video below:

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