Four Arrested in Separate Drug Busts by Highway Patrol

Local News Friday, May 22nd, 2020


The highway patrol reports at least four drug-related arrests in the lake area on Thursday.

The first happened in the morning when 25-year-old Bonnie Lewis, of Eldon, was arrested on pending felony charges of possessing methamphetamine, cocaine and paraphernalia. Lewis also had a failure to appear warrant on a domestic assault charge in Camden County.

The second arrest happened in the afternoon when 25-year-old Adrianna Evans, of St. Louis, was taken in on a pending felony charge of possessing a controlled substance, a misdemeanor for possessing paraphernalia and traffic-related offenses.

Both, Lewis and Evans, were booked into the Miller County Jail and placed on 24- hour holds.

Two others, 30-year-old Ciara Bean of St. Louis and 29-year-old Amber Menke of Camdenton, were arrested on misdemeanor charges and released on summonses.



Local News Friday, May 22nd, 2020

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