Motorcycle Riders in the Show Me State no longer have to wear a helmet thanks to a new law that is now in effect.

      NEWS-09-02-2020 NO HELMETS 3 - 2nd September 2020

Highway Patrol Sergeant Scott White.

He tells KRMS News even if that’s the law, he still recommends you wear a helmet while on area highways for safety reasons.

      NEWS-09-02-2020 NO HELMETS 4 - 2nd September 2020

White says he’s seen serious injuries from Deer jumping in front of a bike, to riders simply misjudging a curve and losing control.

Just hours after the law took effect in the state, two fatal crashes occurred involving motorcyclists who were not wearing helmets.

White says one of those crashes involved a woman in St. Charles County, who went off the road and hit a guard rail.

The other involved a rider in the Columbia area who rear-ended a semi-truck, and was then hit by a 3rd vehicle. That rider then remained in the roadway and was struck by another vehicle.