The city of Osage Beach is moving forward on two major projects through the wintertime.

The first project is making sidewalks along Osage Beach Parkway more ADA compliant.

“We had originally applied for a transportation grant earlier in the year, for a particular sidewalk project between Lake Pointe Drive (near Dierbergs) to basically across the road from the east entrance of the Osage Beach outlets….kinda the Miner Mike’s area” says City Administrator Jena Woods.

She tells KRMS News it was put on hold due to a lack of funding, after the grant fell through “So we have a few areas that are still moving through these plans, and this was a section that still needed to be connected to some newer sidewalks. So the Osage Beach Special Road District stepped up and was partnering with us financially, since we didn’t get the grant, so that project will move forward.”

She says they hope to have this part of the project completed in the next 9 months.

Another project in the works is to make improvements to the apron at Lee C Fine airport “It’s about a $5.5 million dollar project. We hope to have it completed before Memorial Day weekend next year, so we can avoid some of our more high traffic times for airplanes.”

Woods tells KRMS News the improvements are being made possible thanks to a grant “We’re getting a 95% grant between the FAA and the State, so we’re very excited about that. The project did get postponed a little bit because of COVID, as I’m sure you can imagine, so we’re very excited to get that back up and going.”

The city had been waiting for the approved fund to be able to make the upgrades for those who use the airport.