Two people convicted of drug offenses in Miller County are learning crime does not pay behind bars.

Ricky Distler and Kelley Raney are losing a combined $46-hundred fifty-six dollars and change because of a statute in the state of Missouri.

“The money is seized during a search warrant, or a traffic stop. Under Missouri law we’re able to take that money and seize it through a separate civil action. That money gets distributed back to the state and it’s sent to schools and places like that” says Miller County Prosecutor Benjamin Winfrey. , “So the money had been seized for some time…but what just happened is the judge finally granted our request to forfeit that money…so that it’s taken from those defendants, forever, and then distributed back into the community.”

He tells KRMS News similar statutes are found in other states in the U-S and there’s also a Federal version of Missouri’s Criminal Activity Forfeiture Act.

Distler will be losing more than $21-hundred seventy dollars.

Raney will forfeit just over $24-hundred dollars.

Winfrey says only money connected to drug convictions can be taken by the state via the CAFA statute.

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