Two of the suspects who have been on the Camden County Sheriff’s “Most Wanted” List have been apprehended in two separate cases…

One on the Most Wanted List was arrested during a Monday morning drug-bust at a motel in Osage Beach. Camden County Sheriff’s Sgt. Scott Hines says Ashley M. Elkins was wanted for numerous outstanding warrants and may now face further charges….“So this case right now, she’s still here in the Camden County jail and she’ll appear before a judge later this month unless if she doesn’t post bond.”

Sgt. Hines says another of the county’s Most Wanted was removed from the list after a Wednesday afternoon phone call to the department…“From an agency in Ada County Idaho….that they picked up Matthew K Holloran, and he’s been on our list for several years as a most wanted and we didn’t know his whereabouts. Last time we had an address for him was Lake Ozark.”

Hines says 47-year-old Matthew Halloran will soon be brought back to Camden County….he had been wanted for an alleged violation of a bond condition.