Video Footage May Indicate Police Evidence Was Compromised In Laurie

Crime Local News Politics Thursday, July 23rd, 2020

New video footage obtained by KRMS News might show that police evidence was compromised in the City of Laurie.

The video was taken during an investigation of former police chief Mark Black and former assistant police chief Angela Nickerson, both suspended at the time.

The video shows Laurie Mayor Alan Kimberling, and other city officials, entering the police evidence room with no police officers present.

      NEWS-7-23-2020 LAURIE VIDEO 5

Kimberling confirms he entered the evidence room, along with City Attorney Andrew Renken and the four city board members.

But Black tells KRMS News there’s more than one video and there were more people going into the evidence room who could have compromised some of it.

      NEWS-7-23-2020 LAURIE VIDEO 6

Black was retained as police chief after the investigation, but with a different job description, which led him to retire.

Nickerson tells KRMS News she was fired without cause.

Current interim police chief Mike Nienhuis  had quit the department after Black says he wrote him up,  but he was then rehired after Black announced his retirement.

Crime Local News Politics Thursday, July 23rd, 2020

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