Village Of Sunrise Beach Working On Water & Sewer Projects

All News Business Thursday, October 28th, 2021

The Village of Sunrise Beach is gearing up to out to bid this winter on their next water project.

The Old Sunrise Acres Water Project will connect an additional twenty residential customers on Old Sunrise Acres Road, off Lake Road 5-35, in Sunrise Beach.

Shoreline Surveying and Engineering Technician Tony Cobb tells KRMS News everyone has signed the necessary connection agreement and there will be no charge for connecting to the water system, instead water customers will only pay the monthly water rate fee.

At completion of this water project, Sunrise Beach will have 330 water customers.

The village will pay for this project through a $100,000 low interest small borrowers’ loan, and supplement the rest through a capital improvement fund.

In addition to that work, the city is also planning on a $4 million Phase 3 Sewer Project for 2022.

The Phase 3 Sewer Project will bring sewer lines to the Beachwood and Castle Gardens Subdivisions, as well as connect the north and south sewer systems, enabling the village to isolate one of their sewer plants during the off-peak season.

All News Business Thursday, October 28th, 2021

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