Today is a day that should be near and dear to many of us here in the lake area and across the state…it is “Missouri Day”…was created by the State Legislature back on March 22, 1915.

“Missouri Day” was created thanks to Anna Korn, who wanted a day set aside for the state to honor the achievements of all Missourians, past and present. “Missouri Day” is also set aside for schools to honor the state. It is always observed on the third Wednesday in October.

Korn is a former teacher. Before ‘The Missouri Waltz’ became our official state song, ‘Missouri’ was the song honoring our state. Korn wrote the song. She lobbied lawmakers to create a day that recognizes the good things Missourians have done over the years.

March 22, 1915, the date marking the formation of today: “Missouri Day,” the third Wednesday in October, on This Date in Missouri Senate History.

Past efforts to assign “Missouri Day” to a set date have been unsuccessful.

In the meantime, the day is observed every year on the third Wednesday in October.